Two Friends

d'alton falls.jpg

This was fun to draw. The negative space of the water fall; the juicy contrast of the rocks; the white-on-white experimentation – I hope I’ve created a place you would want to visit. This piece is inspired by the geology and flora of Tasmania.


The Perimeter Trail

trail drawing

My relationship with the Sewanee Perimeter Trail has become alarmingly intimate. After having collected over 1,200 data points on the thing this past summer 2016 I couldn’t shake images of the track from my mind. This scene of Proctors Hall found its way onto paper while I was working with professor David Haskell on an independent study project last semester.

It’s a familiar landscape,┬átrod by many, and is a beautiful portal into the natural world. If you haven’t yet this year, this month, this week or today I implore you; find some ground, lace up your boots and start walking.