The Maps of Arados


I drew this map of my world, Arados, some time around 2014. The various exotic and alien environments and landscapes are featured in many of my drawings.

Arados is a medium sized exo-planet slightly larger than earth with a circumference of roughly 42,000km. It is the third planet away from the star it orbits and orbits in close proximity (~1,600,000km) to a blue-green gas giant known as Polonius. This relationship between the two planets creates beautiful celestial scenery when they pass each other for a month every 400 days. The days on Arados are 42 hours long and a it takes 442 days for it to complete one full orbit.

Arados is a hot planet. Sultry jungles and rainforests occur from the tropics to around 50 degrees north and south latitude. Temperate climates only occur at the extreme north and south and on the high Arados mountains. It is dominated by two super-continents, Kennan and Sondra, named for the two astronomers who discovered the planet. Countless islands of all sizes sporting thousands of climates and environments fill the seas between the two continents allowing for constant genetic flow across the planet.

Arados is a planet of extremes. It is home to mountains, flora, fauna and biomes of a scale not possible on earth. It has twice the oxygen concentration in its atmosphere as earth and 85% the gravitational force which lends to the massive scale of things. The tallest mountain is Mount Christmoth, measuring in at 15,374.722 meters.

Notable locations include:

  • The Tendeth desert – the largest known desert
  • The Finestra rainforest – the largest forest
  • Garamel – island home to the largest known living organisms
  • The Maerk Mountains – the longest mountain range
  • The Abyss – a toxic plateau choked with volcanic fumes, intense tectonic action and a history seeped in turmoil

Safe travels

Northern Kennan
The north – Terrawash
Southern Kennan
Northern Sondra
Southern Sondra

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