The Fungal Jungle


Located in the far northwest of Kennan, the fungal jungle is a toxic landscape of fumes, spores and geothermal exhaust. The air is thick and saturated and volcanic cloud cover keeps the light dim most of the year. 50 meter tall mushrooms can grow in the valleys and volcanos over a kilometer high spew ash and soot into the sky year-round, creating a greenhouse like cover.

The landscape is dynamic and constantly changing as once even the largest mushrooms grow it is only a matter of weeks before they release their spores, die and are consumed by more fungus.

The parent material is a soft, chalky rock that makes an excellent substrate for the mycelium of the mushrooms. Few animals live in the fungal jungle and all human expeditions have resulted in horrific death as inhaled spores readily grow in our pulmonary system.

The large vents grow as piping hot steam is pumped from deep underground bringing with it bits of minerals and sediment. The mean temperature is 35 degrees Celsius. The average high is 45 degrees Celsius and the average low is 22 degrees Celsius.


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